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Miami University Sailing Team

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About Our Team
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Basic Info
When are Meetings?
We meet every Tuesday night at 8PM in room 275 Upham Hall.  New members are always welcome
Where do you practice?
Our team practices on Acton Lake at Hueston Woods state park.  It's about a 10 minute drive from campus.
Practice times are subject to change based on weather, drivers, team member availability and various other circumstances.  A general rule though is that we try to practice every Wednesday Thursday and Saturday afternoons.  These times are flexible though and practice is only mandatory for those attending regattas.
What kind of boats do you have?
We have seven FJ's, one 420 and an inflatable power boat.  These are doublehanded (2 person) boats.  Our boats are all drysailed (we take them out of the water when we are not sailing them).  There are 7 sets of FJ sails and a set of 420 sails.  We are always looking to expand our fleet.
New Sailors:
Do I have to race?
No one on the team has to race.  We have a designated team instructor whose job is to teach new people how to sail.  There are all levels of experience on the team, from people who have never been in a sailboat to people who have raced in national championships.  We encourage everyone to try out racing but understand that racing is not for everyone.
Do I have the right gear?
Generally for just starting out you won't need to buy sailing gear.  Close toed shoes are always a good idea and for when it is cooler out fleece is better than cotton.  We have enough lifejackets so that we can share with people who don't have them.
What is the MCSA?
We sail in the Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association.  The MCSA just refers to our district.
Where do you compete?
The Miami sailing team competes in large and small regattas all over the country.  We stay mainly in our district (the MCSA) and we try to travel to intersectionals (out of district regattas) at least twice each semester.  Check out the schedule page to see where we are planning to go this semester.
How is racing in a College regatta set up?
Most regattas are two day events.  There is an A divison and a B division.  The A division goes out and races two races, and comes in.  Then the B division goes out and does the same.  When the B's come back in the A's rotate into a different boat and do 2 more races.  The cycle continues to repeat itself.  Races typically last between 15 and 25 minutes depending on conditions.  Standard 3 minute starting sequences are used.

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