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Sorry this hasn't been updated in a while but here it is 4/10/07

We are planning on ordering Sail Fast Leukemia Cup bracelets for $6. The money goes to a good cause and we are making it a fundraiser. If you are interested in a bracelet, email Nick at

The track invitational is Saturday April 14 from 10-7. If you have an hour of the day to donate some service that would be wonderful. We make money from it that goes to the team. It is a yager stadium. If you can help, email Nick with what you want to do and when.

The triathalon is April 21 from the early morning to early afternoon. If you can volunteer, again, email Nick. And again, we get money for the team!

if you have never registerd for college sailing or have not yet this semester, please do so on the ICSA website.
you must do this before you sail in a regatta. Just follow the directionsfrom here.

Wet Willie is April 20-21 at Northwestern. If you are interested in going, please email Spencer as soon as you know you can at

Ryan, please create an inventory of everything before the end of the year,specific but reasonable. Also, Ryan, please email the guy with the boat donation to try to see it.

Molli, please try to finish up the Newsletter and get a copy to Will.

If you are interested in sailing big boats this summer, there is J24 racing on Brookville Lake. Email will for more information.

Buckeye this weekend at OSU:
And, Ryan, Dea, Twins, Nick, Joe, Alex Z, and team Turtle.

Sepencer, Matt and Abby, I need your addresses so that I can write thank you nots to your grandpa, spencer, and your dad matt, and your parents
abby. thanks!!

Thats it guys! Stay tuned for an end of the year sailing dinner. And if you can make it to the meetings, please come, we haven't had a lot of people lately. See you all soon!!!

Hi Everyone!

Green Beer Day shirts are going to be $12. Ask around your dorm room and show people the designs that are attached in this email. Fill out an order form and bring it with your money to the next meeting. We don't need people's money if they aren't on the team, we just need to know if they will buy them and can give us the money later when we give them our shirt.

Hockey fundraiser we still need people to sign up for March 2nd and 3rd. So email Will.

Midwinters people traveling in the van, we will be leaving Oxford at 4:30pm so be ready around 3:45 for pick up. Don't forget, you need to bring nice clothes for the banquet, guys shirt and tie, girls dress.

Freshman/new sailor icebreaker is March 24 and 25 at Notre Dame. Email drew if you definitely want to come.

Thanks! Thats all.

Hey Everyone!

I know its far away and i've put this in every email, but please check your schedules for the March hockey dates the 2nd and 3rd 15 people each.

Learn to skipper meetings are being held after regular tuesday night meetings socome if you are interested!

Please send Molli your address(es) ASAP if you want your parents or grandparents or whomever to get our newsletter. Her email is

Next week we will vote on the Green Beer Day tshirt designs so this is your last chance to get creative and either send ur design to Avery or Will or print it up and bring it with you on Tuesday.

New officers need to get on the list serves if you already haven't. Here they are again:

Mike Arnos-
Student Orgs.-

Team jackets should be here by next meeting so come and pick them up. Get excited!!!!

If you are still interested in the Florida regattas email Drew at

If anyone has any good team photos or pictures of us sailing, email them to will at

Please remember dues next week. They are $50 for new members and $45 for returning with $10 of that in cash.

The spring break trip to S. Alabama is a go and if anyone is still interested email Drew. It sounds like its going to be a good time with lots of sailing and long nights.

Think about if we want to participate in Kidfair 2007 and have a sailing booth. It will be a good community service project. It is on March 31 from 12-3 so anyone who is not sailing in our regatta could go and represent us.

Thanks thats all for now!


So this weeks minutes.... 1/23/07

We need people to sign up for the hockey games Mar. 2, 3, 4 15 people each. The games start at 7:30 but we need to be there before hand. Look ahead and email Will if you can go at

The winter mega fair is this Saturday in the Shriver Multipurpose room from 1-3. If you can come and help promote the sailing team email Molli at and let her know because she would love to have a good turn out.

Also to Molli, please send her your home address or any other addresses you would like the Sailing Newsletter sent to.

If anyone has Green Beer Day shirt ideas email them to Avery at or bring them to next week's meeting. We need them in 2 weeks.

Dues need to be in by next week to Doug. They are $50 for new members and $45 for returning members. Please bring $10 in cash. Checks are made out to Miami University.

List serves that new officers need to get on, just send an email:

Mike Arnos-
Student Orgs.-

Email Matt at if you are interested in getting a team workout schedule going to get in shape for the spring season.

Spring break at South Alabama is still in the works. So far 8 people have signed up. If you are interested, email Drew at

Also email Drew if you are interested in going to the Old South regatta in Florida Feb. 23-25 and/or Eckerd Mar. 1-4

Thats all! Thanks guys!



Hey Everyone!

2/15 is the first hockey date. We need 5 people to sign up. 3/2, 3/3 and possible 3/4 are the other dates and we need 15 people. If you haven't already signed up, email Will or do it at the next meeting.

Avery is still looking for Green Beer Day shirt designs. Email her if you have one.

Learn to skipper meetings will start next week after our normal 8pm meeting. Anyone who is interested can stay after!

We alreay have the 8 people who want to go to Midwinters but if anyone else wants to get a group together and go email Drew.

Look at your new semester schedule and think about homework, studying, extra stuff and sing up for practice schedule next meeting.

Spring break we are looking to get a group to go to Alabama for training. It would be $50-60 for transportation then all the money you would need for food. Email Drew if interested.

Upcoming regattas:
U. Florida Old South Feb. 23-25 leave friday and miss friday classes 8 people.
Eckerd Mar. 1-4 leave thurs night and miss friday classes 8 people.

Turn in dues to Doug by the first week of Feb. $45 for returning $50 for new this semester. Don't forget $10 in cash.

There is a social on Saturday night at the OYC. Come on over at 10pm!


01/09/07-- Sailing Minutes

So we still need people to sign up for hockey games, especially now that they are right around the corner. The dates are 2/15, 3/2, 3/3, 3/4 so email Will with the ones you want to do.

There will be a meeting for new and old officers next week after our meeting to go over jobs.

The winter Mega Fair is the weekend of Jan. 27. Look for more information about that.

Club dues are due in to Doug as soon as possible. It is $50 for new members and $45 for existing.

Learn to skipper meetings will start soon and will be held after our normal sailing meetings. Anyone who is interested and already has some crew experience can attend.

We need someone from our team on the MCSA board. There is a petition on the MCSA website but if you have any questions contact Joc. Elections will be at Midwinters.

Avery still needs Green Beer Day shirt designs so anyone make one and bring to the next meeting. We need to get going on this if we are going to do it.

Please email Molli with your home address(es) for the newsletter we are sending out

Here are some extra things from Drew:

Second weekend of February (10-11) at University of Toledo. We can take up to 8 people if there is interest. There are some good seminars and you will learn a lot about our district...dont forget about seeing your friends from other schools too. Send me an email BEFORE FRIDAY THIS WEEK if you DEFINITELY can come. This does not mean you automatically get to go though.

Check you schedules and figure out what your work load will be this semester, we will def have team practice by spring break, but hopefully before (weather permitting) Sign ups for practices will be next tuesday.

Freshman/First year College sailors start thinking about if you're interested in attending Freshman Icebreaker at Notre Dame. It is March 26-27, that is the weekend AFTER we get back from spring break. Its open to freshmen and any sailor in their first year of college sailing. Its
always really fun. Sign ups will be in a few weeks.

Finally, Old South @ U Florida and Eckerd are coming up at the end of Feb and beginning of March so check your schedules, We will need to miss friday classes to travel.

Thats all.


12/7/06-- Sailing Minutes

Please over the Holiday, don't forget about our Hockey fund raisers 2/15, 3/2-3/4.

In the early spring, Will will be running learn-to-skipper weekly meetings. Only stipulation is that you at least know how to crew.

If you have ideas for the Green Beer T-shirts, E-mail Avery:

Team Jackets and a Alumni Regatta are in the works for next semester. Look for more information to come.

On Tuesday we voted for our new officers! CONGRATULATIONS to all!


** Current Officers, Please make an effort to meet with your successor and explain how things run before the end of the semester or right away in January.**

Good luck on Finals and have an awesome break!

That's All~

Thanks for a great fall guys!


11/28/06-- Sailing Minutes

Hey Guys!

Remember the hockey dates for next semester 2/15, 3/2-4 and if you know now if you can help, e-mail Will. Working these will earn the club money!

THIS SATURDAY at 2:00pm We are packing up all the boats for the winter. PLEASE come out and help if you can. If you need a ride, send out an email or talk to someone to get you out to the lake. The more people, the faster it gets done.

Early next spring Will is setting up Learn-to-skipper weekly meetings. If you are interested, contact him. The only pre-requisite is that you must have some crew experience beforehand.

Timmes was a great regatta! We got 9th out of 18 teams and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Good job team!

Avery is still working on Green Beer Day shirts. If you have any ideas for them, e-mail her at

I'm still working on getting team jackets. I'll let you know as soon as I get more information....

If you are interested in having a personal pinnies, contact Joc and let her know. They are about 20$ each.

Good News! Spencer got us numbers and Miami M's for our hulls and sails!!! Now we'll look professional ;)

Joc is thinking about hosting an Alumni Regatta in the spring. If you know of anyone that might be interested in coming back and sailing in it let her know.

The Annual Holiday Sweater Party is this Friday, Dec 1st at 10:00pm. Let's see those tacky sweaters!!


Please show up and vote!

Nominations thus far:

Commodore: Joe, Katrina/Will
Captain: Drew, Spencer
Vice Commodore: Avery, Nick
Rear Commodore: Avery, Liz
Secretary: Kerry, Andy
Treasurer: Doug
Equipment Manager: Larchmont
Publicity Secretary: Molli
**WE DO NOT HAVE ANYONE NOMINATED FOR TEAM INSTRUCTOR!** If you are interested, e-mail any of the current officers and let them know. This is a vital position and we would really like someone committed to want to do it

If you want to nominate anyone else, e-mail any officer with your nomination. We will be taking nominations up to voting at the next meeting.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


11/16/06-- Sailing Mintues

Hey Guys!

Will still needs people to sign up for the Hockey games. The dates are once again 2/15, 3/2, 3/3, 3/4. Please sign up!

The Timmes Angsten Annual Regatta is next weekend. You should know if you are going or not by now. Remember it is 60$.

Our holiday sweater party is going to be December 1st.

Regatta News: Timmes Tune-up. We didn't sail on Saturday due to too much wind wind but got out there on Sunday and ended up 5th overall. Congrats team!

Nominations have started for possitions for next year. We'll continue nominations at the next meeting and vote the week before finals.

So far:
Commodore: Will & Katrina, Joe
Captain: Drew, Spencer
Vice Commodore: Avery, Nick
Rear Commodore: Liz, Avery
Secretary: Kerry, Andy
Treasurer: Doug
Equiptment Manager: Larchmont
Publicist Secretary: Molli
Team Instructor: ??

No Meeting this comming Tues, Nov. 21

That's all!

Happy Thanksgiving



11/7/06-- Sailing Minutes
Please sign up for the hockey dates: 2/15, 3/2, 3/3, 3/4 
The team would love your support. E-mail Will if you can make it.
Avery is heading up the committee for the Green Beer Day.  Got ideas for a t-shirt??? E-mail her at
Congratulations to the team at Area East!  With a 2nd place finish they qualified us for Timmes regatta over Thanksgiving!!!
Blow Harder is this weekend: Avery, Liz, Katrina, Joc, Spencer, Drew, and Ryan.  ETD: 2pm Rubrix Cube Theme!!!!!!!
Timmes Angston Regatta: Matt, Drew, Spencer, Dough, Katrina, Joc, Abby, Liz, Molli
**Remember 60$ entry fee per person**
Abby's got the newsletter almost finished and hopefully out later this weekend!
Keep in mind elections comming up after Thanksgiving break.
Remember, spring sailing is cold!  If you plan on sailing, its a good idea to get winter sailing gear.  Great Christmas presents!! ;)
Finally, I'm trying to get new team jackets.  At the meeting today we agreed upon 100$ around for a jacket.  I'm hoping to find a soft shell jacket to embroder. If you find any online, e-mail them to me and at next week's meeting I'll put them up on the projector and we can vote. 
That's all!

11/2/06-- Sailing Minutes

Remember the hockey fundraising dates 2/15, 3/2, 3/3, 3/4. Will still
needs a bunch of people to sign up. E-mail him if you can do it.

Upcomming Regattas:
Area East (This weekend): Joc, Drew, Ryan, Kerry, Liz ETD: 4:30pm
Blow Harder (11/11-13): Katrina, Spencer, Drew, Ryan, Avery
Timmes (11/24-26): Joc, Matt, Drew, Spencer, Katrina, Abby, Liz, Molli,
Liz D.
**Remember Timmes is a 60$ entry fee**

Will is hoping we can pack up some of the boats on Sunday since its
getting cold out. If you can go, call Drew: 513-205-3360

The Alumni/Parent newsletter is finally going out! You're parents should
look for it in the mail in a week or so.

Keep in mind elections for the next calendar year are approaching. Take
some time to think about what you want to run for because you'll have a
little speech to give. If you have any questions about the process, don't
hesitate to ask an older member of the team.

I know it's getting cold but we're still practicing up to Timmes! If you
can't make it, please call whoever is in charge of practice for that day.
And if calling is too much of a hassle for you, e-mail me your number so I
can put it online in the practice schedule so people can get ahold of you.


10/25/06-- Sailing Minutes

Thanks to all for comming to the Formal. I had a blast and I hope you did too!

Nick has extra polos. E-mail him if you are interested in purchasing one. they are still 30$

Don't forget to sign up for the new hockey game nights! 2/15, 3/2, 3/3, 3/4
Any other/new volunteer ideas are greatly appreciated. E-mail Will and let him know.

It's getting cold outside! This usually means better wind so come to practice but dress accordingly. If you don't have winter gear, I have a great company with good college prices you can ask me about.

Upcomming Regattas:

Area East: Joc, Drew, Ryan, Kerry, and Liz

Blow Harder: Spencer, Drew, Ryan, Avery, Katrina

Timmes: Joc, Matt, Drew, Spencer, Katrina, Doug, Abby, Liz, Molly, Liz D
**Remember Timmes is a 60$ entry fee.

At 7:30pm next Tuesday before the meeting, Will is going to run a learn-to-skipper session in the normal room. If after the meeting would work better for you, please e-mail him. This is for anyone interested, old skippers and new.

November is almost upon us and that means elections. There are 9 officer spots open on the team: Commodore*, Captain, Treasurer, Secretary, Rear Commodore, Vice Commodore, Publicity Secretary, Team Instructor, and Equiptment Manager. Start thinking about if you want to run and what title you would like to carry out responsibly.

*Must be on the board one year to be eligible

Thats all!


5/3/2005 -- 4:30 PM
-Won Miami Club Sport of the Year
-We won the Buckeye Invitational on April 16/17
-We won the Navy J24 Invitational on April 16/17
-Boats are packed for the summer.  If you are in the Cincinnati area over the summer and would like to sail, there are people looking for crew at Cowan Lake and at Hueston Woods.
-Team Race Qualifiers at Northwestern is the last regatta of the Spring
-Thanks to all the seniors for all of their work and Good Luck next year!